Snoring Treatments

Snoring Treatments

We also offer affordable, custom-made devices for the treatment of snoring.

Dr. Mohr help patients who suffer from snoring. By fitting an affordable, custom-made device, patients are able to get a good night sleep and alleviate the annoyance it causes their partners and family members.

Snoring device for sleep apnea fort lauderdalePatients are fitted with the thin, flexible and comfortable Silent Nite™ appliance.  It works by comfortably positioning the lower jaw forward using special connectors that are attached to transparent flexible upper and lower trays custom molded to the patient’s mouth. By moving the jaw forward, air moves unobstructed through the patient’s passageway, alleviating vibration and snoring.

Not only does the Silent Nite snoring device aid in getting a restful night’s sleep, it exhibits documented clinical success for the prevention of annoying and unhealthy snoring.

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