So, you never felt like flossing anyway?

So, you never felt like flossing anyway?

Flossing is a must!So, you’ve read the recent headlines and you never really felt like flossing anyway. Now what?

If you read deeper into the article, then you know there has never been conclusive research to prove that flossing improved your oral health.

This brings to mind two specific thoughts.

Firstly, do you need a scientific study to report the obvious?  I haven’t seen the research, but I know umbrellas keep you dryer in the rain.

Secondly, expect to spend more time and money at the dental office when you decide to skip the floss.  There is no substitute for routine maintenance.

My advise follows that of the many before me, only floss the ones you want to keep!

Eric Mohr, DMD
Pompano Beach, FL